Angela Brooks

January 11, 2017: New year post


Posting some old and new news:

  • Our paper on the transcriptomic characterization of SF3B1 mutations in CLL was published in November and is featured on the cover of Cancer Cell [link]
  • Our lab was awarded a grant from the Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group for our work on alternative splicing in cancer [link]
  • Max Marin is awarded a Crown College Undergraduate Research Fellowship and the Koret Undergraduate Research Scholarship!

August 8, 2016: New lab member and new paper

Alexis Thornton joins the lab as a Junior Specialist/Post-Bacc! She will be working on applying eVIP to study transcript variants.

What is eVIP? Our paper with colleagues at the Broad on high-throughput approaches to functionally characterize cancer variants is now officially out as a featured article in Cancer Cell!


A link to the manuscript:

A link to Cancer Cell’s Preview on the the manuscript and related studies:

Another summary of the manuscript from Broad News: